Hobby Molds

Your online source for custom aluminum molds for all your hobby injection molding needs.

What does Hobby Molds do?  Hobby Molds designs and fabricates custom aluminum molds for plastic injection molding using table-top molding machines.  We make molds for use on machines like the LNS PIM, Adler, Galomb, Medium, Morgan and others.

Who uses our service?  Our customers are people or companies who want to prototype a product, have a need for a product or component where the volumes don’t merit production injection molding, or want to develop a product but keep their investment small.

Why do hobby-scale plastic injection molding?  Hobby-scale injection molding bridges the gap between 3D printing and production injection molding.  It often is the most cost effective and time effective way to produce plastic parts in quantities from 10 to 1000 pieces.

How much does a mold cost?  Each part, each mold is unique.  The typical cost is between $250 and $1000.   Each mold is quoted individually.  All of our molds are made in USA.  More on the process of making molds is here.

How do I get started?  Plastics are not intuitive materials to design for.  If you new to designing with plastic and want to master the process yourself, please check our design information page.  If don’t have the time or desire to master the technical part of the process, Hobby Molds can help.  If you are an experienced designer, have created your CAD geometry, and are ready to get going, please jump to here.